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How does the Junior Doctor Training Program work?

The replacement of the former Commonwealth Medical Internship Program with the JDTP has meant there are some slight changes to the processes of application and recruitment. The process is detailed here:

  1. Application
    The application form for the JDTP posted on DOH website prior to the EOI opening in September.
  2. Release of Recruitment Information
    The department provides the list of JDTP eligible candidates to private hospitals participating in the Private Health Stream.
  3. Hospitals contact applicants
    At the beginning of the recruitment period, each hospital taking part in the JDTP is able to contact the applicants.
  4. Interviews
    Interested applicants may be contacted for interview.
  5. Offer of Internships
    During the recruitment period hospitals make offers to eligible JDTP candidates.
  6. Accept Offer
    Eligible JDTP candidate accepts offer.
  7. Notification
    Private hospital and candidate separately notify the department of acceptance of the offer.
  8. Employment Contract
    Private hospitals enter into employment contracts with eligible JDTP candidates accepting JDTP places, conditional on the Commonwealth funding being received.

For more information, please see the DOH website: www.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/work-junior-doctor-training-program-private-hospital-stream