Ramsay Health Care WA

Testimonials from previous CMI interns

“I have only praise for Medical Admin. They were very approachable and we had no qualms approaching them if we encountered any problems. Our consultants in Rehab and Psychiatry were very approachable and we never felt unsupported or out of our depth in any situation.”

“We felt that the hospital had a very good learning environment for interns with supportive consultants both in surgery and ED who are very keen to impart their knowledge. It was overall an excellent learning experience with the consultants.”

“It was a good learning experience being part of the CMI program. Supervisors and colleagues at all the three sites were very helpful and supportive and keen to teach. Rehab was a great term.”

“It was a great year working with Ramsay Health and rotating to all the different sites meeting new people and learning as well as experiencing new things. Despite having repeated 2 terms, I felt the case mix was varied particularly in ED and as well as doing after hours. I felt that after hours was a good experience as there were many different types of cases that needed reviewing even though at times it could get quite busy!”

“I've had a good time working with Ramsay as I felt the working environment was welcoming.”

“With regards to good areas to live in, I suppose the suburbs around the city are very central, have access to multiple modes of transportation and have good food/restaurant options - Nedlands, Subiaco, West Perth.”

“In terms of education, my advice would to be more proactive and to be more outspoken, not fade in to the background.”